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Welcome to BlueGrey Mortgage!

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, our mortgage company frequently serves home buyers and investors throughout the Tampa Bay area; however, our loan brokerage services are open to all of Florida, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania!

Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence. Our goal is to provide property and home loans to our clients with the best interest rate we can offer—and the lowest closing costs possible.

We want your dream of buying to come true! Furthermore, we pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan. With an in-house processing team and over 20 years of combined mortgage experience, we solve loan issues, help our clients overcome loan hurdles, and close loans so our clients can go home.

Meet The Team

We believe that our team is the BEST—routinely closing Conventional and FHA loans with ease in under 30 days. Our mortgage brokerage firm has access to multiple lenders, enabling us to provide more flexibility in the loan programs we can offer to clients. We strive to be on the cutting edge of the mortgage loan industry. We’re always looking for more lenders to partner with to further strengthen our commitment to clients and enhance our loan services.

Tyler Nguyen

Executive Branch Manager
(813) 767-5020Tyler@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Scott Blaylock

Branch Manager
(727) 692-0749Scott@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Matthew Wolk

Branch Manager
(608) 354-8521Matthew@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Alberto Lopez

Loan Specialist
(813) 365-2502Alberto@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Jordan Maranville

Loan Specialist
(727) 667-8089Jordan@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Justin Le

Loan Specialist
(954) 305-3813Justin@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Cody Nguyen

Loan Specialist
(316) 708-4143Cody@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Melany Le

Loan Specialist
(716) 994-7676Melany@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Johanna Gatzoulis

Loan Specialist
(727) 741-3182Johanna@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Aaron Bradley

Loan Specialist
(727) 209-7512Aaron@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Agnes Kim

Loan Specialist
(516) 519-1055Agnes@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Laurie Houghton

Loan Specialist
(941) 467-4413Laurie@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Zoe Imlay

Loan Specialist
(941) 626-4485Zoe@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio

Liz Stefanczuk

Loan Specialist
(813) 842-0628Liz@BlueGreyMortgage.comApply Now

Hung Le

Loan Specialist
(316) 841-8981
Hung@BlueGreyMortgage.comApply Now

Scotti Hosman

Loan Specialist
(813) 601-5775Scotti@BlueGreyMortgage.comApply Now

Leanne Figueroa

Loan Specialist
(941) Read Bio

Fuji Vang

Loan Specialist
(651) Read Bio

Pablo Cotto

Business Administrator
(813) 503-9063Pablo@BlueGreyMortgage.comRead Bio
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